Is it a bird? Is it a plane?  No, it´s the Uhudler!

The "Uhudler" is a speciality from  the south of Burgenland. This is a yellow pink wine from old hybrid vines, which usually tastes of strawberry or raspberry juice and is often sold in typical clay pots called "Bluzer". Vines, which are comparable to today´s grapevine, were cultivated in Burgenland at the turn of the century, but all destroyed by the wine louse.

The wine growers thus turned to the more resistant hybrid vines such as Ripatella, Delaware, Elvira and Concord. There followed a grat deal of resistance towards such hybrid wines and a labelling law was introduced in 1929. In 1936 a law prevented vintners from planting hybrids vines and in 1937 they were not allowed to be mixed with wines from the grapevine. Hybrid vines were limited to "house drinks" in 1961 and the upper limit for house drinks was stipulated in 1971 along with the banning of the work "house drink" from the vine law. Hybrid wines were finally banned in 1985.

Some people from the south of Burgenland founded an association entitled "Friends of the Uhudler" in 1987. This association was aimed at reintroducing this wine to Austria. The brand-name "Uhudler", which had been widely used to mark hybrid wines, was patented at the Austrian Patent Office in 1989 and the work of the association bore fruits with the amendment to the wine law in 1992 stating that hybrid wines could once again be produced as tabele wines. 

Uhudler wine in various forms

The Pfeiffer wine-producing business in Eltendorf in one of the most renowned producers of Uhudler in Burgenland. Prior to 1991 viticulture was only practised using grapes from old hybrid vines in order to manufacture enough wine for home use, but businesses have been extended to over one hectare since the legalisation of hybrid vines and the whole of the vineyard has been renewed. The labour-intensive vines have been replaced by a more advanced culture. The following hybrid vines are cultivated for red wine: Concord. And for white wine: Elvira und Delaware, which can grow on the sunny south-facing hills until they completely mature.

Cleanliness and hygiene are extremely important when producing the wine. The typical criteria of the Uhudler - its raspberry taste and clarity are imperative when completing the wines. The fermentation and storage of the Uhudler wines takes place in hygienic, easy-to-use Nirosta tanks. This typical speciality from the south of Burgenland is then filled into bottles at the wineries and sold in various farm shops. The Pfeiffer family´s selection of products ranges from red Uhudler and white Uhudler to the Uhudler schnapps and Uhudler grappa schnapps.